About Us


E-Sport Physiotherapy is owned and operated by Sandra Sokoloski.  Sandra is a physiotherapist with over 25 years of experience and has ridden horses for most of her life, competing in various disciplines.  The focus of Sandra’s equestrian rehabilitation practice is to analyze movement patterns, correct posture, improve body awareness and enhance performance through a variety of physiotherapy treatment techniques.

Equestrian rehabilitation is achieved through applying the knowledge of human anatomy and biomechanics to the equestrian athlete. Sandra is a rider, a nationally certified instructor in physiotherapy and a certified Hanna Somatics instructor. She utilizes her knowledge of riding, teaching and movement analysis to assist coaches and riders with performance optimization. Sandra has a large clientele of novice to Olympic level riders throughout Canada and the USA. Sandra assists riders in her clinic as well as at stables and show grounds and has traveled to the USA to provide support during competition.

Sandra is also currently involved in a research project with the University of Western Ontario to identify the prevalence and risk factors for lower back and hip pain in hunter/jumper riders. Her expertise in equestrian rehabilitation has been utilized to develop and initiate this project.

Sandra’s goal is to provide tools for performance enhancement. Through clinics, lectures and private physiotherapy sessions she strives to promote the concept that “Riders Are Athletes Too!”


‘Master of Clinical Science in Physiotherapy’, MClSc PT

‘Diploma of Advanced Manual and Manipulative Therapy’, FCAMPT

‘Gunn Intramuscular Stimulation’  (needling technique), CGIMS

Sr Instructor and Examiner, Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Orthopedic Division

Inspired by Jenny Vincent, a very special friend.