Classes & Clinics

E-Sport Physiotherapy services are varied depending on the requirements of the client.

Equestrian Rehabilitation:

Individual assessment and treatment sessions (mounted and/or unmounted) are available in the physiotherapy clinic or on-site. Prices are dependant on the number of people and the location.

Equestrian Education:

‘Posture and Body Awareness’, ‘Analyzing Performance’, ‘Anatomy and Biomechanics For Riders’ and ‘Exercise Principles’ clinics with lecture and practical components for riders & coaches. Use of video analysis to enhance movement pattern correction is available as a component of the individual treatment sessions or in the group formats.

Equestrian Fitness: ‘Turning Fitness Into Function’

Individual consultation for exercise programming available.


“The goal is always to improve the rider’s understanding of their body and how it must function to communicate effectively with the horse.” Sandra