Classes & Clinics

E-Sport Physiotherapy services are varied depending on the requirements of the client.

Equestrian Rehabilitation:

Individual assessment and treatment sessions (mounted and/or unmounted) are available in the physiotherapy clinic or on-site. Prices are dependant on the number of people and the location.

Equestrian Education:

‘Posture and Body Awareness’, ‘Analyzing Performance’, ‘Anatomy and Biomechanics For Riders’ and ‘Exercise Principles’ clinics with lecture and practical components for riders & coaches. Use of video analysis to enhance movement pattern correction is available as a component of the individual treatment sessions or in the group formats.

Equestrian Fitness: ‘Turning Fitness Into Function’

Equestrian fitness classes in a circuit-style format, with fun and innovative exercises designed for riders. Contact Summit Sport Physiotherapy, 403 995-2131


“I just wanted to thank you for offering your Equestrian Fitness classes. The skills I learned were invaluable and contributed to my successful season of endurance riding.  These skills included body awareness, balance and core strength. I recently completed a 5 day (50 miles each) endurance ride in Idaho.  Day 4 and 5 were very difficult as my left knee was incredibly sore and wouldn’t support me in the stirrups. Using the skills you taught us in the fitness classes, I was able to stay balanced and finish the ride very successfully.  Your courses are a must for anyone who is serious about improving their riding skills.”  – Sarah Chambers

The goal is to improve the rider’s understanding of their body and how it must function to communicate effectively with the horse.