Real-Time Ultrasound

The core muscles are the deepest layers of muscles. Assessing the deep muscle layers is possible with the real-time ultrasound (RTUS) as core muscle activation can be visualized on the ultrasound screen. With the assistance of the RTUS, core muscle retraining is more effective and can contribute to increased awareness of core muscle strength and trunk stability. This technology is most useful for riders who want to reduce pain, improve muscle coordination or improve athletic performance. Equestrian athletes benefit from the use of the RTUS as the core muscle strength and coordination is essential for optimal riding postures and attaining an ‘Independent Seat‘. Sandra uses the visual feedback from the ultrasound screen to help the rider identify and  strengthen the core muscles in functional postures so that maximal carry-over to riding  is achieved.

Assessing core muscle activation by visualizing the deep muscle layers on the ultrasound screen.