Image“I met Sandra through Gillian Wright at Trakehner Glen in Calgary when I was teaching there.  I was very interested in what Sandra was doing with Gill and her students as I could see the results in their riding.  I was very impressed with Sandra’s knowledge in regard to riders and their needs.  Sandra has helped me personally with understanding my physical needs and giving me many exercises to help me on and off the horse.  The IMS is definitely helpful and the results are amazing.  You do not need to live or ride with pain!  Sandra’s input has helped my physiotherapist in Brockville, Ontario understand how to further help me. There is such an advantage to having someone who knows what is needed as a rider and Sandra is committed to helping you be the best you can be.  I see Sandra as often as I can on my trips to Calgary!”

Gina Smith,
Three time Olympic dressage team member; Team Bronze medal 1988 Seoul Korea
Manager Franklands Equine Services Ltd.
Level 3 Dressage coach
Chair of Dressage Canada High Performance Committee


“As a professional who rides many horses in a day, I need to keep my body healthy to be competitive in the Grand Prix ring. I know this means I need to be aware of my riding position in order to avoid overuse injuries. Sandra and her physiotherapy treatments have enabled me to strengthen my position, therefore limiting wear and tear and increasing my effectiveness as a rider”

Andrea Strain,  Hunter-Jumper Trainer & Coach, Villa Training, Langley BC


“I am so thankful to have met Sandra. My first meeting with her was at the Brandon Winter Fair and I was in bad shape from a fall. She worked her magic with hands-on treatment and needling. Much to my surprise it worked and I was back in the saddle relatively pain-free the next day. I truly am thankful for her skill and commitment. Sandra’s attention and dedication to the fine details of the body in movement is such a benefit to the riding community as she brings her own knowledge and understanding of the sport.”

Rodney Tulloch,  Hunter-Jumper Trainer & Coach, Landmark Farms, Calgary AB


“As riders and coaches we put a great deal of emphasis on having a straight and balanced horse. Regardless of what your discipline is, having a horse that travels evenly, is relaxed and is pain-free are the foundations for training.  We spend copious dollars on horse chiropractors, massage, physiotherapists and vets to give our animals the best care.  What many riders and coaches underestimate is that this applies equally to the rider.  If riders suffer from asymmetry, pain and stiffness, these problems affect and are magnified in our horses’ behavior and performance. Many of these issues can be greatly improved and resolved through proper physiotherapy for the rider. Sandra’s experience as a rider coupled with her vast knowledge and skill as a physiotherapist make her invaluable as a resource for rider improvement. From personal experience I can tell you that whether dealing with an injury, chronic pain, stiffness or balance issues, Sandra’s treatments are the best available in the field.  Help yourself…your horse will thank you!”   

Debbie Garside, NCCP Level 4 Coach, True North Stables, Professional Photographer, Turner Valley AB


“Bless you Sandra Sokoloski for your genuine dedication to helping me keep moving.  As a professional horse trainer, getting back and staying on track after an injury is imperative. With your training and equine background, you are able to provide specific treatments with proper exercises tailor-made to get a rider back in the saddle. Thanks for everything!”

Vance Kaglea,   Working Cow Horse Trainer and Champion, High River AB


“In my line of work it is common for back problems to develop, especially if you have been involved in any mishaps. After trying chiropractic work for some time I decided to try physiotherapy. After a thorough assessment Sandra suggested that she use IMS (needling) to help relieve the problems. The results were amazing! I have been going to Sandra for a couple of years now, as the need arises. She has even set up a work-out plan that will target the specific issues and help me perform better in my sport.”

Mark Sutherland,  World Professional Chuckwagon Driver, Okotoks AB


“Sandra not only has a physiotherapy degree, but is a rider herself and has worked with high level coaches along with upper level Dressage, Jumper and Event riders.  Her insight into your riding postures and her ability to help you correct even years of poor muscle patterns will help to change your riding forever!” 

Lorraine Laframboise, NCCP High Performance Coach, former Canadian Eventing Team member, Venturing Hills Farm, Ottawa


“I started working with Sandra after having a back injury. I soon realized that her understanding of the rider’s needs for core stability and balance was not just a valuable asset for me, but also for my students. Sandra now works with a number of us in her clinic, assisting us with post-injury rehabilitation. I also have Sandra come to Trakehner Glen on a regular basis to teach a class that incorporates exercises both on and off the horse.  It has been of great value to me as a coach to use these exercises and improved body awareness as tools to improve my students’ riding which will ultimately help the horses to perform optimally.”

Gillian Wright,  EC Level 3 Dressage Coach, Trakehner Glen, Calgary AB