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“Treating Riders as Athletes”

E-Sport Physiotherapy is owned and operated by Sandra Sokoloski. Her focus is to treat riders as athletes and facilitate their understanding of relevant human anatomy, physiology and biomechanics. Enhancing the riding experience, whether on the trail or in the show ring, is accomplished through equestrian-specific physiotherapy treatment, equestrian fitness training, education sessions and clinics. The focus of human equestrian rehabilitation is to restore optimal mobility and improve the ability to ride effectively. Sandra has trained with world renowned researchers of human movement and muscle activation patterns. Riders, coaches, trainers and any person assisting a rider benefit from the education that Sandra provides regarding the human equestrian athlete.

“…Sandra brings a rare and refreshing level of competence in her knowledge of the equestrian sport…She has helped me immensely in reaquainting and reeducating me with regards to the specific biomechanics of riding and maximizing performance through addressing the function of the human body…Sandra has a marked aptitude for collaborating with high performance coaches, riders and other support personnel…Her work is so valuable to us that we have her provide clinics at our stable regularly.” Lorraine Laframboise, high performance eventing coach, Ottawa, Quebec.

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