The ‘Equitrainer’

Because of the very unique nature of equestrian sports, a unique body of knowledge and specially adapted equipment is required to enable sport-specific training and rider rehabilitation. Sandra developed the ‘Equitrainer’ to assist riders with learning to balance themselves and activate their muscles in optimal patterns.

The ‘Equitrainer’ is a saddle stand on a platform that ‘wobbles’ in all directions in order to mimic the balance requirements of riding a horse. Various exercises to simulate the movement patterns required to ride effectively have been developed to help riders maximize their riding potential.

Who Is Appropriate

Riders of any discipline or level of competition/recreation who want to have improved communication with their horse and better riding ‘form’. Riders who have musculoskeletal imbalances as a result of ‘core’ muscle weakness or adaptations to past injuries or riding experiences will benefit from working on the‘Equitrainer’.